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Internet is changing every day. The development of technology is still accelerates and drives each activity taking place in the network, this also purchase processes. Easy access to the Internet, the growing use of mobile devices makes change consumer expectations. More and more processes are transferred to the web and mobile devices - to meet the changing it is good to develop your shop according to current trends. Shoper is constantly improved. We introduce useful for conducting e-commerce solutions are often the first on the Polish market. Consult with the community members, in order to best meet the needs of e-retailers. Update your shop and keep up with the functions needed to conduct sale in the online store.

What is the update?

The software update is to move data from an older version of the store for currently available. Thanks get access to the latest features and solutions as well as to ensure proper operation of the store for integration with external services (payment gateway, shipping service, the price comparison website, auction systems, etc.). Software Shoper is constantly developed. 
The last, important changes such as this.:

  • responsible for handling the administration panel and page store
  • marketing tools (loyalty program, newsletter)
  • compliance with the current SEO standards
It's just part of the news that have been put together with Shoper 5. You might want to check them out using the free, 14-day trial store. A new store can be set up in a few minutes on our website package individually chosen by them:
What is the scope of the update?

The data from the store

With the current version will be safely transferred all the data: 
database of customers, orders, products, categories, information pages 
After the transfer, it is necessary to verify all of the settings of the store, because the newer version has a lot more options and some configuration functions are resolved in a different way.

Graphics store

Zencommerce is created completely from scratch using the latest technology-hence the automatic transfer. It is not possible to store a graphic template. Software update is a good opportunity to refresh the look of the store. 
Create customized individual graphic designs personalized for your needs, and the latest industry trends Designer. Detailed offer can be found here: 

If you have a limited budget and at the same time depends on you as soon as new appearance-our recommendation our ready-made templates from 

In the event that the shop already has done graphics and you would like to keep as much as possible its present appearance, we offer a service for the implementation of the current graphics for the new engine shop. Such implementation is priced individually -in order to do this, please contact us at mail:

Your modifications

When you migrate the data store are not transferred to individual changes in the source code. It is possible that the functions     have been prepared for you ever can be in the new version of the store as a standard feature. In the case if you wish for the unusual behaviour of the function we are able to contacted you with the companies that provide this type of service, they know our software and its features.

What are my options to choose from during the update?

At the moment we offer the software in two models:


is characterized by convenience in use-issues related to hosting, mail, access to services are on our side, While you are focused on carrying out e-shop. We offer 4 main subscription packages, which differentiates between some elements: the maximum number of products, the type of integration with Allegro, access to the interface API and integration with Facebook. 
Technical support and access to updates in this model are included in the price. 

An additional advantage of subscription is included in the price of the hosting service. This allows you to cancel the previously paid server for the store.

A standalone license

It is currently used by the Member States of the model, i.e. the software bought the property. Dedicated to developers and if you have others, outside the store, Web pages, and the desire to keep everything on a single server. 
In the case of a license it is necessary to have a hosting. You can also purchase it in our company or use the previously utilised -After having checked the necessary for the proper functioning of the store parameters. 
Technical support and access to updates in this model are provided for one year from the time you purchase a license. After this time, to have access to the latest version of the software and technical assistance, it is necessary to buy a service Assistance.

How long does it take to process the migration store?

On the migration we need about 48 hours. The process is completely non-invasive for the currently running the store.

Option: am I an independent license:

In this case, the new shop is installed as a separate application, and then transferred all of the data. 
To perform these actions, we need up-to-date data to the FTP server and to a brand new, empty MySQL database, that will be used by the new store.

Option: I pass on the subscription model

In this case, move the data to the shop started working in the domain on our server. To do this we need only current data to the FTP server of the current store. 
After the transfer of the data to inform you about this, and we will send your login details to the new Panel. By the way please to verify the effects of migration (to check the consistency of the data and store settings). As a result of this-please contact us and then, what must I do, to remain at the main domain.

If you are interested in updating their software to the latest version, please contact our customer service department Customer service by phone +91 22 2772 9229  or write to the email address

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