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Integration allows to place the model  type "LikeBox" in the template and store buttons "I like it!", "Send", or "Comments"with Facebook on the product. 

1 "like Button, Send Button and Comments"go to "CONFIGURATIONS » LAYOUT » ACTIVE THEME" from the menu on the left select "Product details" 

screenshot_8 copy.jpg

2 Select the items you're interested in and click on the "Save"

3 "LikeBox"Go to the section CONFIGURATIONS » LAYOUT » ACTIVE THEME Format tab MODULES 

4 Move the module Facebook like to the store template. 


5 Click on the edit 

6 In the box The ID of the Facebook page Enter your site ID number FanPage 

screenshot_3 copy.jpg 

It can be found in the URL of the page FanPage 


7 Click on the button "Save"

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