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Whether the rules of procedure has been prepared by a lawyer?

Yes, the rules of procedure has been prepared by our partner – they are specializing in the creation and monitoring of regulations online stores.

The rules are free of prohibited clauses from register of the OCCP?

Yes, the rules do not have clauses prohibited registered illegal clauses led by the President of the Occp. Prohibited clauses are basic on legal threat related to the rules of the store.

Whether the pattern rules is monitored?

Yes, our partner service was provided by us online store rules pattern monitoring for prohibited clauses from the register of the OCCP. The pattern is in this checked on a regular basis, so we encourage you to regular checking of the latest version of the model rules of procedure. Another option is to use the Legal Packages available under the additional services.

Whether the pattern of the rules is versatile and can be used at any online store?

Unfortunately, Models regulations has been prepared for the standard online store, account shall have some basic information requirements required when you conducting Internet sales and to an other account, the basic electronic services are available in your online store as an Administration account or in an interactive order/form. However, when you going to an other services or provider, for selling unusual goods (e.g., pharmacy) or electronic products you need to take advantage of tailored services terms and conditions. In case, you are welcome to contact our service

If we take responsibility for the design of an online store?

Model rules of procedure shall be available to the users of shops free of charge. We make use of every effort with legal requirements. However, the need to adapt the content and the rules to needs of your store to varying degrees cant be modified with an administrator account. Guarantee the conformity of the deployed rules gives audit, which you can order in section Legal Advice.

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