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      For items such as: 

      product title, image, price, add to basket button and a short description 

      were two-column view, always at the same level 

      perform the following steps: 


Go to the 'MAIN PAGE' and 'number of products on page' 
define the height and width of the image.


In the tab 'Own CSS style' add entries: 

            .shop_index .main .innerbox span.productname {height:45px;}

.shop_product_list .main .innerbox span.productname {height:45px;}

      The first entry refers to the main page, another to the list of products. 

      In any of these sections, we use one-column view 

      It should not be used for each entry. 

      The value of 45px is an example, and it determines the amount of the product name. 

      45px works in our name is not higher than 3 lines. 

      We need to determine for yourself what can be 

            the maximum length (number of lines) of the product name.

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