How do I edit a selected order (eg.add a product) Print

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In Certain Situations, the administrator must manually add or replace products in some sort of order, for example the client wants to place an order, or is calling to ask about its editing. It is for this, you must proceed According to the instructions given below.

  1. Go to the menu SALES> ORDERS

  2. Find the right order, and in the actions column click Edit 

    How to enter the editing of a specific order.
  3. From the vertical menu on the left select the tab Ordered products 

    View products in your order.
    At this point you can edit the products in the order, for example. change amount of each.
  4. Click on the button add product is an order 
  5. Using a search engine find the product you want to add to the order and in the column Actions 
    click on the icon  that add this product. 

    If you want to add more products at once, you can select many of them to Selecting the checkboxes to them, and use mass action add selected .

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