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The domain of the store, is the website address that is visible in your web browser. Each store can be visible under multiple domains. To hook up a new domain under the store, follow these steps.

  1. In the Administration Panel, go to
    CONFIGURATION > HOSTING > DOMAIN , and then click Add domain.

    click add domain

  2. Look on the information box, type in a new domain in the field The domain name , and then click Add.

    Add a new domain

  3. In the list of domains will appear the newly added domain. If the DNS settings of domain, are correct, in the column DNS Settings the status will change to correct. Otherwise, the status remains incorrect informs you about the need to change your domain's DNS settings.

  4. After you add the correct domain in the Panel, and change the DNS settings, the store will be available under the addresses: both the old (e.g. and the new (e.g. email accounts will equally work on both domains, for example. and

  5. If the newly added domain needs to be the main adress, go to the
    and in the Store address type the new domain name.
    If this domain is going to be the only one that appears in your browser window, change Force shop address to YES (works like redirect 301)

    setting the address of the store, forcing the address

    Changing DNS servers takes about 24 hours, so before you change the main store address, make sure that your new domain works properly.

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