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A loyal customer first and foremost knows your brand very well and makes the effort to make a purchase. In addition, a loyal customer regularly visits you, interacts with you and recommends your products to others. All you need to do is to fight for your audience, because in order for your clients to become loyal, you need to help them.

By choosing to run a loyalty program in your online store, you should first develop its general concept and set the basic operating principles. The first and the most popular type of loyalty program is the standard exchange of Rupees for points, and then points for products.

Important: Loyalty program can be used only by the registered customers in the shop!


2. set  "Enable loyalty program" option to "Yes"

3. In the section "Adwarding points" determine the conditions for the receipt of credits: 


This setting gives the customer 1 point for each issued one dollar and 10 points for signing up for the newsletter.

4. In section "Points exchange" you can set the exchange points for products: 


5. The information of points which would be alloted per product would be displayed to the customers on the product details page. 

6. The client when will log-in into the customer Panel - "My account" will have information about the assigned points: 

7. When you go to the list of products available in Exchange for points, the client will be able to view all the products of the time, that are only available for exchange: 

8. The store administrator can observe how much the customer has assigned points for your product and for what action type"Subscribe to the newsletter". To check this go to "Customers » Customers » Edit the Customer » Loyalty Program" 


9. You can edit the points by clicking on the "Manage points" button. Also,  there be the ability to add or subtract points to: 

Important: the above presentation is an example of a points Setup! You must configure a loyalty program for yourself!

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