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The article is divided into the following sections:

  1. What is a domain?
  2. What is a sub-domain?
  3. What is DNS?
  4. What are the domain records, what are the types of records and what are the different types of domain records?
  5. At what address should be placed online store (how to choose a domain)?
  6. How to buy a domain from us and what costs it is related?
  7. How to connect a domain under the store?
  8. Problems arising from improper domain configuration
  9. Post your own domain
  10. Additional websites store on your domain

The Internet domain (web address) - allows you to determine your identity or your business on the web. In addition, allows you to define additional services in the selected address, eg. E-mail address. By definition, it is a sequence of system names Domain Name Server (DNS) used on the Internet, consisting of the name and the tip of example. domain name can be arbitrary if it is not registered by another person or company, and the extension must choose from available at of the domain registrar. 

What can exploit domain?

With domain can bind a number of useful services, the most popular are:

  • The website address, store, blog, etc. Eg .:
  • Mail Accounts:
  • Sub-domain, eg .:
  • FTP Accounts: provides the ability to manage files located on the server

Designations .com,, .in etc.

Domain can be purchased with different extensions. The most popular extensions on the Indian market is .com and Our domain can be more regional in nature if we choose for our end of the town, eg. . If the target group is not only the people of Indian, consider the domain of the tip of the .au or .com . For frequently used extensions are also:

  • .org - for organizations
  • .net - mainly for companies connected to the Internet
  • .edu - educational institutions

Sub-domain - the Internet address created under the purchased domain. Address sub-domain is terminated in any case the domain name. For example, for the domain, you can create additional addresses:

  • - sub-domain created for the purposes of the demo version
  • - sub-domain created for the purpose of a blog
  • - sub-domain created for the purpose of suggestions forum

Each domain owner has the ability to create sub-domains on your own or through a customer service hosting and / or domain registrar.


Domain Name System - The DNS identifies the internet domain names and their links with IP addresses, converts addresses (domain names) well known example. on the IP addresses of existing computer networks, eg. . From a technical point of view, is a system of protocols, servers, and services that support a database of network addresses.


With domain service related to a number of services, which by default operate under a single server. Domain records give us the ability to configure these services. With the configuration records can redirect the selected service on another server.

A record

Host record, this is the main DNS record. Combines a domain or sub-domain to an IP address. If you change only the A record domain selected external server IP address, the server will keep the current opportunity to use all the other services (email, FTP, etc.).

MX record

Mail exchange record, stands. Mail Exchange . If you do not want to use the mail service on the server where you keep the domain, we can using the MX record redirect your mail to another server. In some cases, even add multiple MX records .If your message can not be delivered by the record of the first priority, using the record of the second priority, etc. For each domain, you can define a remote server that supports e-mail. This configuration consists of adding / changing the MX record for domain entries.

The SOA record

Start of Authority - in this record are stored in the identity of the domain.

NS record

ang. name server - these are the records of name servers. Determine which servers will provide information domain's DNS. For each domain must be defined two NS records. Most are NS records primary and secondary name server. NS records are updated with your domain registrar / hosting company, and that their update takes effect after about 24-72 hours.


Alias to another host. CNAME records, or canonical name records (ang. canonical name ) records are aliases A. This option is used if you wish to redirect certain calls to another host. For every CNAME record, you can choose an alias and host. CNAME records are used, inter alia, to configure an alias for a domain with the www prefix to enter the address of both the www prefix and without it would show the same website.


New Domain

If you buy a new domain should be aware of several important issues. The domain is an important part of the brand, it is worth to address was easy to remember and associate with activities. The domain should not contain any special characters like #, $, * etc. The permitted number of characters 3-63.

Domain already exists

If you have your own domain, you can hook it into the shop. Domain registrar shall make available in your panel configuration options for a domain, allowing to change the DNS server which will result in the display of a store at our address.

Create a sub-domain

If you have a domain, you can create a sub-domain and hook it into the shop. In the domain management panel or through the customer service department in the company hosting / domain registrar, it should be possible to create a sub-domain.


A new domain, you can buy (register) in our company. There are two possibilities: 
- The domain can be purchased when you purchase any package store. In this case, is the possibility to check the availability of the .com address with tips and
- The second option, the earlier you purchase the software is to contact our customer service department. Just send a message via the contact form with the name of the selected domain. Terms of the purchase domain - the domain must be free - domain should consist of a name and an extension such. (on the Indian market and we tip .com,

Register a free domain

When you register a domain, the address is owned by a person for which it is registered. The domain owner has the opportunity to dispose of any domain also in the formal sense. Domain can be sold to another owner (domain transfer), or you can transfer the domain to another domain registrar (another company which provides services domains).

Purchase domain occupied

Buying occupied (registered by another entity) of the domain. On the web, there is the concept of the exchange of domains , this is a service through which you can purchase from the current owner of the domain. All the major companies that handle domain registration service and lead their exchanges. In the stock market you can buy a domain from its current owner, you have to remember that in most cases the price will be higher than if you have purchased a domain free. The second option to buy the domain occupied, is in direct contact with the owner of the domain. The owner is possible to find through news services that provide information of the WHOIS . Eg. .

Renewal of Domain

Domain registration provides annual maintenance domain. For most domains are offered promotions, by which domain maintenance in the first year does not involve high costs. To ensure the continuity of the store or website, be sure to extend the domain (in the majority of suppliers should come to notice). If you fail to renew within a domain, the domain expires and all related services are not active (web, mail, FTP accounts etc.). in / / .com etc can be renewed even after 30 days from the date of expiry. But if you dont renew domain from the 30 days of expiry, domain goes in redumption and redumption / restoration cost of the domain would vary in chanrges as set by domain service provider. During the 30 days of redumption period, if domain not restored, then domain will be set to scheduled for release. It will released and free in 7 days from upon completion of reumption pereiod.


Domain in Zencommerce

If you purchased the domain in Zencommerce ( domain will be hooked by the customer service at store up to 24 hours of payment.

DNS Redirection

In the tab External DNS servers should specify the DNS server addresses where the store is located. In the case of subscription license: In the case of stand-alone license (lifetime) placed on our server: According to an after entering the DNS addresses, click the option "change".

Redirecting to the IP address (A record change)

Select Advanced Configuration DNS Then enter the IP of our server in the box shown in the following example: IP address of the server if you have a subscription license: If you have a stand-alone license please contact customer service.

Adding domain admin panel shop

Go to the store admin panel. Then, go to the Confguration> Web Hosting> Domain. After pressing the "add domain" copy or write down the information n which is available under question. Then enter the name of your domain and click save. If you have a domain click on panel in the upper right corner and sign in to the service management panel. Then select your domain and click "Configure".

Domain with another provider

If you have registered a domain with another company than we have given in Section 7, go to the website of the service provider from whom you purchased the domain. Information about domain configuration changes should be in the help section, you should also contact the customer service department (by phone or through the contact form). When contacting ask how you can change the configuration of your domain so that it can indicate your shop.


Mail does not come, come to me feedback messages

If the mail does not reach the addressee or the mailbox owner should first figure out whether the sender of the message sometimes does not receive a return message sent automatically by the mail server in certain cases. Below are 4 main reasons why the message could not be delivered to:

  • unroutable address - the address does not exist (usually error or typo in the address), or not available at the moment (eg. if the domain has not been paid)
  • mailbox full / mailbox quota exceeded - box overflowing, the recipient account requires the removal of messages because the available space is used.
  • The attachment size Exceeds the allowable limit - Annex exceeded the limit allowed by the sender's server
  • spamcannibal or similar names - the sender's server is located in the spam list is taken into account by the recipient server, therefore, the message can not be accepted.

If the return message is another reason, please contact the administrator of the server that hosts the mail. You can also look for information yourself on Google with the error


Mail will not work if the service this service is not assigned to a specific server. For example, if you want to use a company mail server Zencommerce ( as part of your subscription, you must redirect the domain to DNS addresses: or redirect the MX record and addresses the TXT record: v = spf1 mx a: IP4: ~ all

Mail Accounts

If you have changed the configuration of the domain (DNS or MX) servers Zencommerce ( must re-create your mail account. In the case of subscription services email accounts you create in admin panel, tab Configuration> Web Hosting> Email Accounts. Please provide the account prefix, eg. Office, a shop or a different name and set a password and confirm. In the case of web hosting service, log on to the web host panel and go to the Mail Accounts, then select Options Create an email account and enter the account prefix, eg. Office, a shop or a different name and set a password and confirm.

Our store does not appear every time (only for some clients is available)

If there is a problem with the service, check the DNS configuration. DNS field can not contain duplicate entries, for example, if the domain is redirected to the DNS server addresses Zencommerce ( in the configuration should be only two addresses: problem may also occur in If the A record for the domain assigned or sub-domain.To avoid this situation, make sure that the configuration domain or sub-domain is assigned to only one record of the IP address. All records that do not point to the correct IP address to be removed. (Discharge)

Page not visible at the site. or without www.

If you make configuration changes to the record of the domain or sub-domain, in the case of some of the servers is a requirement to add two domain records. Example domain 1 record the IP address of record www.zencommerce 2 IP address


Using Google Apps mail

Google Apps allows you to use your own domain e-mail using your Google Account, for more information:

Email accounts in Zencommerce (

In the case of email server, we will provied you seperate panel for email server and from taht ypu can add and delete the email accounts. 

If the domain is plugged into the server on which the shop (DNS forwarding) is an option within the server create a sub-Bomen which may point to a different server. If you want to create a blog or corporate website, you can use this sub-domain. 10.1 If Doman has been redirected (DNS forwarding) servers Zencommerce (, customer service notification indicating the name of the sub-domain and the IP address of the server on which will be published cancellation or blog. 10.2 If the domain is redirected to another server, create sub-domains and domain configuration records is in the domain management panel, in this case, please contact the provider domain.

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