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Online stores are now one of the most popular forms of sale on the net. Many people decide to establish his own the store, because it is a relatively easy business, which does not require a high initial investment, and distribution and advertising products can be sold cheaply and without risk to external entities. To start your own store, just follow a few steps away. Passage through the stages will retain full control over the intended business. The Easiest and the fastest way to set up your own online store is to use the services of companies that provide tools. One of the leading sites on the market is software online store

  1.  The Idea Of 

    The most important is the idea. Think about what you want to sell and what are the needs of Your future customers. 
    In order to make the discernment on the market, determine your strengths, weaknesses the opportunities and risks arising from the activities competition. Think about exactly what an attractive see customers at online stores that already operate on the market, and try give buyers what they give others (it may be a different range of products more attractive way, sales promotions, contests etc.)

  2.  Economic activity 

    If you already own your own business, just that in the business to add the corresponding record on trade on the Internet. If it's your first business, you need to register a virtual business, by making an entry in the appropriate Register (national court register or the Register of economic activities). The next step is to get an entry in the REGON the Statistical Office and open a business bank account in the Bank of their choice. The rest of you will handle the formalities at the tax office and social security.

  3.  Purchasing the software 

    Choosing the right software, is crucial and can err on the side of success or failure of your business. Before make a purchase, you have the possibility to test our platform, in order to do this, click on the link below.
  4.  Buy a domain and server selection 

    Regardless of what server will be Your online store, it must have a specific Internet domain, and so – Speaking at a glance – the address that Your prospective customers must enter a search to get to the store page. The domain should be easy to remember and related to your business profile. To verify that your domain is not already taken, and to register your domain, you must use the services of one of the companies involved in the registration of domains. The most convenient is to use the services of a company that provides support at every stage of starting an online store – This service is

  5.  Look online store 

    When you specify the profile action, registering and selecting the domain and server, you must decide on a Visual the online store. The choice of colors, graphics, etc., are important elements of any website, because can help in encouraging customers to buy. The ideal solution is to get the look of the original, which easily decide Internet users in memory. Home must be transparent and should allow easy access to the various categories of products. On the main page should also find promotions and so-called. leading products (such as the ones that you like best sell). Assuming your store using the service of be obtained access to the Administration Panel, through which You can in an easy and fast way to fix the look of individual items.

  6.  Adding products to the store 

    Adding new products to the shop it is possible thanks to a Special Administrative Panel that get through the site For information about a given product may consist of its photo, description, price and conditions delivery. Individual products can be added to the different categories and subcategories, which will make the customer will find it easier to search for interesting products. There is also the possibility of linking products, which may encourage Internet users to further purchases.

  7.  To promote the store and customer acquisition 

    If the store is ready, it is time for his promotion, and so to take action to ensure that the store will be visited by the greatest possible number of potential customers. There are a number of tools with which you can advertise your Shop. These include, among other things. Internet directories, search engine optimization, search engines, advertising prices on sites and portals, reciprocal links, as well as – because why not – traditional advertising (information in the media, promotions, contests, etc.).

After these seven steps, you become the owner and administrator of a real online store. The more products in the shop and the better promotion, the greater the chances of success. The forecasts for the coming years when it comes to business Online are positive. Although slightly more than 50% of the stores, whose net sales last year, does not exceed Rs 100 thousand, almost 10% could already boast the proceeds of 1-5 million rs, and less than 5% had a turnover of more than 10 million rs.”

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