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Once the order is dispatched, you need to inform customer about its shipment details so that customer can track the order.  Below are the steps which will help you in setting up your tracking url under admin panel:

1.  First define the shipping method

  A) Go to Configuration-->Sales-->Shipping 

  B) Click on “Add Shipping” and define your shipping method

  C) In “Tracking address” field mentioned tracking url of your logistic services provider.

  D) Click on Save.

2. Defining and sending email regarding to tracking url and tracking number

  A) Edit / Create email template for “Shipment Sent “ which is present under Configuration àSalesà Order status

  B) Select Shipment Sent status and click on its edit option.

  C) Edit its email template and mention “{delivery_trace_link}” for Tracking url and “{tracking_number} for tracking waybill number.

Email format with parameter which will fetch the value from system.

  D) Once the order is placed, we need to create its shipment.

  E) Go to Sales-->Order-->Click on “Create shipment”

  F) Mention all the required information and select Shipment from dropdown. (Select newly added shipment method where have mentioned tracking code of logistic service provider) and write Waybill Number.

  G) Click on “Create Shipment” 

  H) After creating shipment we need to set its status to “Shipment Sent” so System will send the email to the client regarding its status.

  I) Customer will receive the email with tracking url and tracking number i.e waybill number.

3.  Click on received link (Tracking url which is mentioned in email and use given tracking number to track your order

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