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MSG91 is an SMS platform which provides enterprise messaging solutions. This platform helps you send instant messages easily to your customers directly from their panel. This integration with Zencommerce allows you to automatically send text messages to your customers when the order status changes. For every order, you can customize the content of the message. In order to benefit from MSG91, you need to create an account on link is given below), install the app in Zencommerce administrative panel which is present in applications and configure the same.


1. Do not enter more than 160 characters for the message, otherwise, you'll be charged for 2 credits(1 credit = 1 SMS).

2. Use your store login for accessing MSG91 settings.

3. The store admin would also receive the SMS of the received order. The phone number added in Configuration > Basic settings > Company Details would be used to send the information through API.

4. SSL certificate is mandatory, else, the application would not respond.

5. Kindly access the admin panel using domain URL and not with Zencommerce license link, else, the application would not accept the configurations and also would not trigger SMS's.


Follow the steps for activating MSG91 application:

A. Firstly, you need to create an account with MSG91 by registering on below link which would give you an initial 999 credits free.

MSG91 registration link:

1. Log-in to MSG91 panel to get the API key for activating the MSG91 application in Zencommerce. Kindly click on the option 'API' on the left menu.

2. Copy the API key by clicking on the copy button.

B. The next step is to log-in to your Zencommerce store and follow the below installation procedure.

1. Go to Application > App store

Where to find an app for msg91 and Zencommerce integration ?

2. Take your mouse cursor on MSG91 app. On mouse hover, you would see an 'Install' button. So by clicking on the 'Install' button, the application would be copied to 'My application'.

3. Go to 'My application' tab and click on the installed application.

4. Click on the 'settings' option.

5. The application would ask permission to go to full screen, kindly click on the 'Ok' button for approval.

6. Use your store login for accessing the MSG91 settings.

If the application again asks permission to go to full screen, then kindly click on the 'Ok' button for approval.


7. Configure the app by adding Auth key, sender ID and set the required order statuses for triggering auto SMS to the customers upon changing the order status.

8. To check wether the MSG91 app is configured and is working, scroll a bit down and enter your mobile number beginning with 0(Zero) (Example: 01234567895) and click on 'SEND TEST MESSAGE'. If the settings are proper then you would be getting a text message which will read as 'Test message'.

9. To test whether the SMS are getting triggered to the customers with the change in order status, place any order on your store :: Go to Sales > Orders :: Change the order status to any active status and check for the SMS.

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