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Main feature: application provides possibility to check if a product can be shipped to the location with a given pincode.

Administration panel


1. Go to Applications > App Store.

2. Take your mouse cursor on 'Pincode verification' app and Install the application by clicking on the Install button.

3. Then, you need to define location for which product will be available. It can be done by setting shipping zones.

   Go to configuration > sales > Shipping Zones

4. Click on the [+] sign icon from top right side to add shipping Zone.

There are two possibilities regarding shipping zones creation:

  •  In “India”, For shipping zone you can set ‘Mode as regions of a country’. To every region appropriate postal codes are assigned. For every chosen region product’s status will be “available”.

  • You can choose particular postal codes on your own. You can do this by adding new zone and assigning postal codes to it. For every postal code that you add here, product’s status will be “available”

5. Then, you need to make sure that, for the shipping zone there is assigned at least one shipping(delivery) method. Go to Configuration > Sales >    Shippings :

6. Edit the shipping Method and assign shipping zone created to the option ‘ship to’ and click on save button.

So if you created additional zone with postal codes, make sure that it is assigned to at least one delivery method.
Store front
App adds a field on the product page in the store:

If a customer will enter the postal code that is in the region where we provide shipping, he will receive the information that the product is available:

On the other hand, he will receive the information that the product is not available:

The customer can also receive the information that the postal code is not valid if the customer will enter non-indian postal code (example for “31644”):

• Pincode verification works only for Indian postal codes,
• if there is shipping method that is available in whole country India, it will display “Available across the country (India)”,
• if zones are states in India, it matches pincode to pattern (taken form: and post/indianpincode.html),
• once the customer entered postal code it will appear on other products' cards automatically,
• additional feature: if client checks pincode in shop and later puts product to cart, application sets this postal code as a part of customer address and basing on this information it shows available delivery methods in the shopping cart (1. can be changed later, 2. if client already entered data, it will not change it).

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