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Messenger - instant communication with customers

Zencommerce Messenger is a response to market demand for e-commerce, which increasingly uses the functionality of social media and rapid forms of communication. Messenger app allows for direct and convenient customer contact to the e-shop through the most popular instant messaging. With the application, you can use both computers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. Thanks to the app which now makes the customer to access faster to the store, can get order notifications and submit questions about the offer. The store owner may, however, inform them about promotions and new supply on the page. 

Steps for Installing the Application:

1. Login to your store administration panel .

2. Go to the ''Application > App Store''

3. Click on the install Button.

4. Refer to the operation of the application and to install the application, kindly click on the 'Install' Button.

Steps for configuring the Application:

1. Go to the ''Applications > My Applications''

2. Take your mouse cursor on application and click on the application icon.

3. To activate this  application, connect the store with the facebook account . So kindly click on 'Verify Account' 

4. Enter your facebook login credentials.

Make sure that the application connected to your account applies the appropriate profile. If not, log on to the right.

5. Proceed by clicking on the 'OK' button.

6. Select the page you wish to connect with the Messenger application and click on the save button.

7. Automatic Mode - With the help of this option the customer would receive replies automaticaly from the intelligent bot. Eg. information on orders, products on sale etc.
To Activate the auto-talk option, Set 'Automatic Conversation' to Yes.

Available commands :

8. Message us button settings

Enabling this option will add Messenger button on your store. After clicking on the "message us" button customers will be able to send you messages directly.

Message us button settings

A. Position - It would help you to display the button on the required position on the store.

B. Size - This option would help to mantain the size of the button.

C. Color - This option would help to set the color of the button displayed on the website.


9. Order status notification

When ordering, the customer may agree to receive messages about the status in the order confirmation and order summary. By agreeing to receive such messages, the customer at any time will be able to view the details of the last 10 orders.

To add button 'Notify me about' on the Billing and information page of store, set Notification option to YES.

Button on front-end:

When we notify the customer:

Message sent to the customer after the establishment of order in the shop:

We can customize the appearance of the button by setting the size and color:

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