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New Feature 

  • Added Braintree payment gateway.


1. Improved behaviour of the shops with large amount of vendors : We have increased the limit of adding lists in brands/manufacturers in Catalog > Products.

2. Added possibility to switch internal invoicing system 

Explanation: This feature allows us to completely turn off the generation of invoice from the back-end panel. Earlier this use to restrict the invoice getting attached in the confirmation Email. To achieve it kindly follow below steps:

A. Go to Configuration > sales > Invoices


B. Check the option 'Internal invoicing' and save the settings.


3. Added notification/alert message if try to delete an active tax rate: 

Explanation: If the tax value is already assigned to products then we won't be allowed to delete the assigned tax rate thus throwing the message shown on below screen-shot. To check it from your end kindly navigate to Configuration > catalog > Tax rates (VAT) :: for the active 'tax rate', click on REMOVE option from actions.


4. Added canonical addresses to informational web pages

Explanation: The rel=canonical element, often called the “canonical link”, is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues. It does this by specifying the “canonical URL”, the “preferred” version of a web page. Using it well improves a site's SEO

5. Added possibility to directly create a new category from product add/edit page

Explanation: This improvement will allow us to create category on the product add/edit page rather then creating category first in the catalog > category and then assigning it to the product(Catalog > Products). The steps for the same are given below:

Go to Catalog > Products :: Add New Product by clicking on 'ADD PRODUCT' from top right side :: If you wish to assign the new product to the new category then under main category option select 'New Main category' and enter the name to the category.

6. Added possibility to add or edit subscribes group from subscriber add/edit page

Explanation: While editing any subscriber(Customers > Subscribers), we now have provision to create new subscribers group directly from editing page by just clicking on Group option from left menu. To achive it, please follow below instructions.

A. Go to Customers > Subscribers 


B. To assign the subscriber under group, edit the subscribers details and click on 'Group' option from left and add the group name and save it.


7. Added possibility to add or edit customers group from customer add/edit page

Explanation: While editing customer(Customer's > customers), we now have provision to create new customers group by clicking on 'Manage groups' button. To achieve it, kindly follow below steps:


A. Go to Customers > Customers


B. Edit the customer details and click on 'Manage groups' to create group.




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