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We are glad to announce the four new features released in version 5.8.5, this article will help you know about all the updates along with some fixes in the software and improvements in API.


1. Added possibility to add share on facebook button on product page

To add Facebook share button, kindly follow below steps:

A. Go to Configuration > layout > Active Theme.

B. From left vertical menu, click on 'Product details' tab.

C. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and set option 'Facebook share button' to 'Yes' and save it.

2. Improved pictures gallery on mobile devices, which allows your user to have a better and enlarged view of each product piece.

3. Added additional methods of security this will further tighten the codes, resources, sign-ups etc., which will keep your data intact & secured.

4. Added HTML5 support in products description and ability to use target=”_blank” mark, this allows your customers to open any link present within the description to open in a new tab.   

  • Fixed admin area view when user is using bigger fonts size in his browser

  • Fixed bug with displaying a product with variants on category pages

  • Fixed bug causing of displaying inactive variants in browsing options

  • Fixed bug blocking language switching option when user was using other then default language

  • Fixed bug with CSV order export feature for specific date

  • Fixed bug with CSV subscriber export feature for specific subscriber group

  • Fixed bug with unit price calculation for different currency     

  • Fixed bug with variant picture, occurring on mobile devices

  • Fixed general issues with loyalty programs feature

  • Fixed issues with picture displaying in modules

  • [ webapi / rest] Fixed bug in parcels resource while creating a parcel with send status

  • [ webhook ] Fixed bug causes that webhook orderedit after changing amount of order product didn't work

  • [ webapi / front ] Fixed bug occurring in order creation for basket resource

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