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  • Added support for product’s variants in google shopping XML feed


  • Added scrollbar in browsing option (storefront)
  • Added breadcrumbs for new products and promo products


  • Fixed bug appearing on product card when the option “only logged users can see the prices” was on and product has variants
  • Fixed bug with the rupee symbols
  • Fixed bug with date picker in the admin area
  • Fixed bug causing wrong delivery cost calculation when someone changed the delivery country
  • Fixed import and export option for CSV file under IE 11
  • Restored edit description option for the file attached to a product
  • Fixed bug which was blocking redirection to product’s reviews from the product page (tab layout)
  • Fixed wrong saving format for variants with option no stock keeping in the field “increase price”
  • Fixed modules displaying view on IE 11 browser
  • Fixed 500 error appearing on inactive product pages
  • Fixed auto assign option to the customer’s group


  • [ API ] Added support for the blog. Resource News  

  • Fixed error causing ability to add non stock variants to group of variants with stock keeping option

  • [ API / order-products / list ] Fixed error while someone was getting the list of stocks from the order.

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