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Giddh is a cloud-based accounting platform that simplifies accounting for businesses of all sizes. The integration of Giddh with Zencommerce will enable you to automate invoicing, GST filing and other accounting tasks. This integration will also let you manage your inventory and keep an eye on your account books. To benefit from Giddh online accounting, you just need to create an account on & install the app on your Zencommerce administrative panel. Simplify your accounting today by trying Giddh or contact our support team at -"

Help page link for Giddh:,
customer care number of Giddh team - +91-8818888764/68


Follow the steps for activating Giddh application:-

1. Go to Extra and Integrations > Applications

2. Take your mouse cursor on the Giddh Accounting application. On mouse hover, you would get an Install button. So by clicking on the 'Install' button, the application would be copied to 'My application'.

3. Next, go to Extra and Integrations > My Applications.

4. Click on the Giddh application

5. To manage the settings, kindly click on the settings tab and follow the further process to configure the application.

A. Login to your Giddh account by visiting the following link:


B. If you are a new user and don’t have an account on Giddh. Please, first signup from here.

After signup, provide company name and country and click on Next.

C. Now go to the settings from the navigation panel, click on Profile, and fill all the information like your company GSTIN, Address etc.


If you are working on windows system, then, click control+K to go to settings > Profile


If you are working on Mac, then, click command+K to go to settings > Profile

D. To get the company auth key, follow the process below:


  • Click on the top right corner on the initials of the company name and select API option.

  • Copy the Auth-Key and paste it in the ZenCommerce application.

E. Below is the process to get the company's unique name.


  • Click on Menu Tab on the top left corner of the screen.

  • Click on settings.

  • Select the Profile tab and from here you will get the Unique Name. Copy the unique name and paste it in ZenCommerce application.

F. Once you get company unique Username and Authkey or username password, return to the Giddh application installed on the Zencommerce.


  • Either mention company UniqueName, email and password or mention company Unique Username and auth key.


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