Payments and repayments

Zencommerce software offers the possibility to add a payment of a partially paid order and to create returns of goods with cash.

I. Payment Management

1. Go to the Sales > Orders

2. Edit the order by either clicking on customer name or choosing 'Edit' option from actions column to add additional payments or to manage refund.

3. Click + add payment to add a payment from a customer

4. Select the appropriate payment type and amount of payment:

5.  After adding the payment, we will get the information of how much amount the customer has already paid and the amount left to be paid. To add more payment, click on 'manage transaction'.

6. In the pop-up, click option 'Add payment' to enter amount.

7. The amount left to be paid would be automaticaly captured in the field 'add payment' so we need to select the payment method and click on save. If the customer has paid lesser then the amount left then we can add it in the  'add payment' field and select the payment method used and save it.

8. After adding the total payment, the pop-up would display the detail of payment.

II. Returns management

1. To return/refund the amount, kindly go to Sales > Orders

2. Edit the order by either clicking on customer name or chosing 'Edit' option from actions column to manage refund.

3. Click on the Manage transaction

4. To make a return, click Refund.

5. Select the number of products to return, which will display the amount of refund in accordance with the price of the goods. You can also add a reason for the return (visible in the order), check option 'send a notification email to the customer' to send auto email to the customer notifying about refund, choose option 'restock products' to return the product in the stock. Further click on Refund button.

6. Returned amount would also will be added in the payment details. Thus we would get all the information about the payment and returns.

7. Information on returning goods will be marked on the order and also it would give information about refunded amount.

8. To change the order status after full refund is made, kindly go to Configuration >  sales > Purchases.

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