How to activate product discount countdown

Product Discount Counter

“Product Discount Counter” will allow you to activate the Timer on the product detail page which is on discount. This will display a special clock counting down on each discounted product and will get deactivated once the discount period is over. Using this application you can encourage your customer to make a quick decision on the purchase. Also, the customer will get dummy information on visitors and purchase information of the respective product.

 If you have any questions or concerns feel free in contacting us +91 22 2772 9220 or email us on  

This application is a paid version and incurs only a one-time amount at Just INR 699 only.

Please follow the below steps to activate this ‘Sales Notification’ application.

  1. Go to Applications > App store   

2. Mouseover on Product Discount Counter app and click the install button, once you install the app, it will get available under “Application” > “My Application” section. 

3. Go to Application > My Application section and select newly installed “Product Discount Counter” and click on “Settings” 

4. This application is a paid application, hence first you will need to make a small payment for this app and make it available for your store. To purchase this application, click on “Click here” to make payment.

5. Once you click on “Click here” link, you will get redirected to Zencommerce client panel where you would need to enter your store name and click on “Add to Cart” (You need to enter the trial url link which is

6. Click on Checkout and enter your Zencommerce account details (Email ID and Password which is already registered with Zencommerce), if you are unable to find it, please contact the support team of Zencommerce to get this login credentials reset for you. (Zencommerce team will provide you these credentials within a few minutes). 

7) Once the payment is done, go back to your store admin panel, Application > My Application > Product Discount Countdown. Enter your store login details to authenticate the user. 

8) After authenticating your details, click on the “Apply”  button to sync the discounted products with this counter.

Important Notes: 

  1. To use any application, SSL is mandatory. 

  2. If you are changing your administrative password, you need to again authenticate your login under Application:: My application:: Countdown Timer. 

  3. Whenever you are updating your theme make sure to update your Countdown Timer settings again. 

  4. Make sure to update/Synch the product once again under application, if you are updating or adding any product discount information.

  5. This application will display the dummy number of viewers and recently purchase. 

For any query get in touch with our support team on or call us on 022-27729229. 

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