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The software is build arround searching engines and is well prepared for positioning and positive audits in this area.


The shop is optimized by Google search. and has among things like friendly links which greatly help in positioning. In addition, each product, category, or page has its own elements of type 'title', 'meta description' and 'meta keywords'. to position your shop very well, but keep in mind that these are the basic tools for what you want to be in the forefront positions in Google you must have an external company positioning. 

Friendly URLs

Addresses in the your store are short and eco-friendly for both search engines and users. All addresses of the products contain product names, which has an impact on the position in the search engine. The software allows you to define addresses to products or categories, so they may be even simpler to monitor your products 

Full edit title, description and keywords

Automatic and configurable system generate tags, Title, Description and Keywords 

Site map-GoogleSitemap

Site map is automatically generated list of links to all the products and categories in your store. Sitemap significantly speed up the appearance of links to your product range in Google search. Click here to read the instructions how to add your sitemap to Google. 

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