How to integrate Braintree payment gateway in Print

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Please note: For activating Braintree payments you need to first visit Braintree website and register yourself. After you register and submit the desired set of documents then only you will receive your own secret information such as Merchant ID, Public Key, Private key. Then this will allow you to activate Braintree payments in your webshop. 

1. Go to Configuration > Sales > Payments.


2. After coming to Payments page, on the row of “Braintree” please click Edit on the right settings gear (See below screenshot)


3. From left side, select Braintree settings.


4. Enter secret details of your own account which you must have received from Braintree payment company, after entering these details then only the payment gateway will get activated. Follow the three steps mentioned in the below ScreenShot.


5. After executing all the above steps go to Configuration > Sales > Shippings.


6. Click on Edit option of the Shippings.


7. Under supported payment methods, select Braintree option and click on save button.


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